Morning routines in the dark

Right now it's very dark in the mornings here in Sweden. The temptation to hit the snooze button can be really strong and it´s easy to stay a little longer in bed and then have to stress for the rest of the morning.

I try to resist the snooze button by having some morning routines that boosts my energy and get me in a good state for the rest of the day. My routines help me be more of a person and less of a zombie when I arrive at the office. I´m sure that makes both me and my coworkers a little bit happier. 

So here we go.

There are two things I do every morning no matter how little time I have. 

1. Meditation 10-15 minutes

I want to make meditation just as important as brushing my teeth, cause I feel I get so much back from it. It really sets the tone for my day, makes me feel calmer and I can handle the challenges of the day much better. Sometimes I meditate in bed and sometimes on my yoga mat. 

2. Three sentences of gratitude 

I start my day in gratitude. It can be about big and small things and I usually write in just a regular journal. Right now I use the journal Best Self, but anything goes basically. I find that by starting the day with gratitude the rest of the day kind of follows the same theme. I feel that I appreciate both the people and situations I meet during the day more and that I´m more content and happy. 

So, these are the two I do no matter how little time I have. If I have the opportunity I also try stretch my body a little and listen to a podcast or a guided meditation on the way to work.

Oh, and I never skip my green smoothie or my morning coffee;-)