Visionboards & rituals

A new year.

I love the taste of it, the feel of it, the new beginnings and the magic that surrounds it. I also love rituals. I went to two different bath houses, taking hot saunas and feeling my body sweat the old year out the last days of the year. I´ve been taking a lot of walks. When I´m brave enough I think I´ll do the sauna/winter bath thing, but for now indoor is a good ritual for me. 

In my last post, I wrote my thank you list for 2016. Now I´m all for setting intentions and magic wishes for 2017. 

Let me start by saying the year didn´t start the way I was hoping. On the first day of the year my son got super sick with the flu, I mean the kind of sick that the fever is just so high that it´s beyond reasonable. I felt so sorry for him. Our plan of doing some holiday adventures together was not an option. More making sure the fever stayed down, that he drank water and then keep him a little company when he was awake. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor in his room to be there for him when he woke up at night. 

I realized that 2017 started with the reminder about the most important thing in my life. My kids, their health and that they are feeling well. So once the frustration about staying in passed, I started to see it as a possibility for us to take it slow. and get creative. So I started doing what I loved when I was little - a creative collage. A vision board for 2017. 

Some leading words: health, healing, joy, mindfulness, baths, energy, training, sustainability, togetherness, sisterhood, peace, kindness, yoga, work life, Spain, sun, celebration, creativity, being brave, gratitude, music

I had so much fun when I made it. Here´s how it came to life:-)

I started with a pile of magazines, My Pinterest boards, and photos and just found words and pictures that spoke to me. 

Then I kind of organized it a little bit. 


Then I glued it all on a HUGE  paper. 

And, voila! Now I´m happy and inspired every time I open my closet.