Guts over fear 2018


So, I guess everybody noticed that we have a new year huh? Well, it´s not easy for a new year to pass by quietly since it usually starts with a big bang and an exploding sky full of fireworks;-)  

Maybe you, just like me, also get questions about new years resolutions and if you make them or not. 

I don´t make new years resolutions at all, but I do have some new years rituals that I´d like to share with you. 

A summary of the year

I usually do a summary of the year. Alone, with my business partner and my husband (not all of us together though). In that summary we first and foremost focus on the nice and juicy stuff - what we want to celebrate, difficult situations we´ve handled in a good way or what we´ve done well during the year. Then we take a short time to see what we would like to improve or any hard lessoned learned so to speak. 

After that we talk about the year ahead. What we dream about and things we want to stop doing or start doing. I think it´s just as important to stop doing things as to start doing things and a not todo list should be just as important as a todo list.

Then I have a small ritual that I do for myself. I write a list of how I want the new year to be. Then I print it and keep it in different places so that I can read it often during the year. It´s always funny to see that at the end of the year a lot of the stuff on my list usually have come true. Sometimes I make a vision board with pictures to make it more visual. 

I´m committed to my list, but also flexible. I know that there are so many circumstances you can´t control in life, and I want to allow myself to change during the year too.

If it gets too fixed, I feel stuck with my list and my goals, and there´s no room for unexpected magic. I make more measurable short time goals and tasks too, but for new years I like to go for the bigger picture. 

Brave Joy

The keywords for me this year is BRAVE and JOY. And to me brave doesn´t necessarily mean bungy jumping or climbing the top of Kilimanjaro. It can mean to be brave enough to follow your heart, brave to say no to things you don't want to do, brave to run your own business, brave to speak up when there´s injustice, brave to start a project without knowing the outcome, brave to believe that you do some good shit in the world, brave to tell someone you love them, brave to say when somebody has hurt you etc.

When we´re brave we need to show vulnerability and take risks which can be a scary thing to do. It take guts and sometimes we also have to support each other in being brave. I´m thinking about the #metoo movement. How women all over the world, in different industries, have felt the support from other women to share painful experiences for the bigger goal - ending sexual harassment and sexual assault. When we support each other we can make a massive change! 

So this year I want to choose guts over fear for sure. 

Here are my personal wishes for next year. Maybe my list can work as an inspiration for you. 

Heal the pain and tension in my body completely
Continue to set healthy boundaries
Listen to my intuition when I make choices
Deepen my meditation practice
Work out at least three times a week
Be brave and less concerned about what other people think about me
Stop all negative self-talk
Go on two vacations with my family and weekend trips
Release much more music than in 2017
Do more live gigs with my band Little Boxes
Inspire and coach a lot of people to live their lives from the inside-out
Teach self-care, mindfulness and personal development
Continue to grow my business
Hang out with my friends more
Laugh more and take things less seriously
Go on more dates with my husband
Work on projects that leads to more sustainability and well-being in the world
Do fun stuff with the kids, like go to the movies, museums, etc
Move from the apartment to a house
Be out in nature more
Stop worrying
Less time scrolling mindlessly on my phone

Wishing you all a great start on 2018! 

Love Anna

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