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Getting Clear. Being You.

September 13, 20, 27, Stockholm 

The purpose of this course is to help you step into your true power, your mojo. During the course you´ll turn inwards, to your body and your breath, exploring what makes your heart sing and learn how to set goals that inspire you.

Modern life can be hard to handle. Between work stuff, social demands, and other distractions, our dreams and energy can sometimes get away from us. Maybe it's time to remember why you do certain things, and for who. Time to refill, recharge and create space for your own needs in the midst of a fast and busy life.  

If you want to get more clarity, focus, and energy, and open up to new possibilities, this one is for you.

You might want to make changes in your life, but you don´t know how. You might be tired of doing and achieving, and want to make room for reflection and pauses. You might feel lost and want to find what your unique path in life is. This course can be a good start to give yourself space and time to see what is longing to be expressed in your life.

You can see it as a spring cleaning for your life. What do you want to keep? What do you want to get rid of? What would your life look like if you allowed more space for your soul to speak? 

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The way we do it

We meet for three evening classes, where we use mindfulness and writing as tools for reflection and learning. There will be some theoretical stuff, but the course is mostly experience based. Fruit, tea, writing pads and any additional material is included in the fee. No preparation needed, just come as you are.

In between the dates you will have some "homework" assignments to keep the momentum going. Nothing too serious, promise. 

During the course you´ll explore some of this

  • The foundations of mindfulness and how to use it as a tool for growth

  • How to set goals that truly inspires you and to work towards them in a mindful way. Like, the ones you would love to reach. Like for real!

  • How to get more flow and less struggle in your life

  • What stress is and how you can relate to it with greater awareness

  • Limiting beliefs and how to handle them

  • Writing as a tool for self-exploration

Course dates 2018/2019

Spring dates are coming up soon!


MetaNoova, Götgatan 11, Stockholm


1995 SEK (including VAT). 

This course is usually held in swedish. Contact me if you´re english speaking, and I´ll work out a solution for you. 

Course leader: Anna Vogel

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Founder of Mindful Mojo. Anna is a mindfulness instructor, project manager, teacher, musician and entrepreneur. Annas passion is to help people find the things that makes their hearts sing. To live full, vibrant and peaceful lives with authenticity and compassion. All Annas courses have their foundation in mindfulness and are led with kindness, humor and interactivity

Some words from the participants: 

Getting Clear was the spark for me not only to start to meditate but also to keep it up on a daily basis after talking about it for years. Finally! Thank you, Anna and Mindful Mojo!
— Elisabet Gabirol, entrepreneur
A great course that gave me a lot of new insights. I value myself and my life a lot more now. I´ve started to question old “truths” and stories and I´ve already discovered new ones that are more true to me. I welcome them!
— Fanny Alexe, Buyer/Planner
This course made me realize that mindfulness also can be about working towards future goals and how to define goals that comes from the inside. To me this was a great introduction to new paths of thinking, which has challenged old habits.
— Alma Broström