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Give some love to a friend. Go 2 for 1 on the day Reset! A day for your mojo

Date: May 19 2018, 9:00-17:00 

Location: Stockholm, TBA 

Price: 1125 SEK (ink MOMS). Your price: 2 for the price of 1. (562 SEK pp ink MOMS) 

1. Fill in the formula for you and your friend. 

2. Proceed to the shop and payment. When you´ve paid, you´ve secured your spot on the workshop. 

3. Pay in the shop. You pay only ONE fee for the two of you, and register both of you in the formula. 

Offer ends on March 31. 

Please, fill out this form for you and your friend

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About the day

Imagine that you had a whole day just for your health and well-being, in the middle of a buzzing city, but still in a peaceful setting, with no tasks to complete, no beeping notifications from your phone, and no meals to cook. A day to reset, recharge and fill up with new energy. Well, surprise surprise - I have that day planned for you!

The day consists of gentle movement, calming mindfulness meditations, and inner reflection work. Add to that a good, healthy lunch, snacks, tea and a lot of dark chocolate. 
Call it a city retreat, or a day spa for your brain and body. 

Stress is a big challenge for many people these days. One of the reasons we´re feeling stressed is that we´re not giving ourselves the time to recharge our batteries. This is a good way to do just that and get some new inspiration as summer is drawing close.  

Go ahead and join me for a mojo-day in the end of may! 

Course includes:

  • Gentle movement and stretch to relaxing, electronic music. 
  • Inspirational talks on mindfulness, self-care, self-compassion and health (your mojo) 
  • Guided mindfulness meditations
  • Guided visualizations and relaxation exercises
  • A savory, healthy lunch
  • Tea, snacks, fruit, and chocolate


Saturday 19 May 9:00 -17:00  


Stockholm, TBA  

This course is usually held in Swedish. Contact me if you´re English speaking, and I´ll work out a solution for you. 



Course leader: Anna Vogel

Founder of Mindful Mojo. Anna is a mindfulness instructor, project manager, teacher, musician and entrepreneur. Annas passion is to help people find the things that makes their hearts sing. To live full, vibrant and peaceful lives with authenticity and compassion. All Annas courses have their foundation in mindfulness and are led with kindness, humor and interactivity. 

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