Grow some more with one on one sessions!

The private coaching sessions give you one on one training and focus on you and your life today. We´ll go through your individual needs and work from there. Some common areas that we can focus on during your coaching are life coaching, health and wellbeing, work and career, mindful stress-reduction, self-compassion and self-care, artist- and creativity coaching. 

You´re the one who decides in which area you want to grow. Maybe you want to set some new goals, get clear about your values or start your own business? You might seek some clarity about which direction to go, handle the stressors in life better or get past limiting beliefs. You choose the path - I´m your partner in the process! 

How we do it:

You choose a package of 6, 8 or 10 sessions. The first session we´ll get to know each other and discover what areas you want to work with during your coaching. Click below to book and choose “Nybesök”. I coach in Swedish or English.



In this program, we look at your life as a whole. You get to explore and get clear about which areas you want to work with. Since our lives consist of many small parts, it can be a good thing to see the big picture and how everything connects. This program is for you who have a feeling you want to grow and learn more about yourself but don´t want to pinpoint a particular area.



In the health and wellbeing program, you can choose to focus on both physical and mental health. We´ll look at your life today and where you want to go. You get support in starting new habits and sticking to them. Maybe you want to train more, eat better, start meditating or work with your thoughts towards yourself and your body. What does health mean to you? That´s where we´ll start!

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We spend many hours at work, so why not make the best of it? Do you want to grow within your current job, start a business, have better work/life balance or even find your hearts work? This program is for you who want to grow in this field. For the todolist-addicts, the corporate workers, the creatives, the digital nomads, the leaders and the employees. Make those work hours make sense with some work-mojo! 

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Stress is a big problem in today´s society, but there are ways to deal with it. Mindfulness has proved to help as a stress-reduction tool. When we gain awareness about what causes the stress and learn to listen to the signals from our bodies, we can find ways to feel better again. Sadly, mindfulness doesn´t help to get rid of ignorant bosses or stressful work environments. But still, it goes a long way.



In this program, we work with the inner dialogue and how we can take care of ourselves better. We look at goals that have to do with the way we treat ourselves and how we can change the critical self -talk for a friendlier voice. With a kinder self-talk, we can reduce internal stress and feel a little lighter in our everyday life. 



To have creative self-discipline, get up on a stage in front of many people or show your very personal work online can be a challenging process. This program let´s you work on your mental strength as an artist or to get support in reaching your goals. It´s also for those of you having an inner artist lurking in the closet - waiting to bring some more creativity into your life! 

Here are some typical questions that we´ll look at during the sessions:

  • How do you get access to your mojo?

  • What are your strengths and how can you use them more? How can you live a life with less struggle and stress and more flow and joy?

  • How can you make the right priorities in your life and business?

  • What is standing in your way and how can you move past what is blocking you?

  • How can you set goals that come from the inside and reach them?

  • How can you look at your life from a different angle, choose what makes you feel good and be more at peace with yourself and your life? To be more here and now in the present moment.

  • How can you unlock your creativity and potential?

  • What are your core values and how can you live more according to those?

I work with private persons, employees, entrepreneurs and companies. 

I hold my sessions in Stockholm, we can also do sessions through Skype. Don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lots of love


On the significant side: My sessions are not therapy, and I´m not a therapist. This can be good to know before you book a session with me. If you have any doubts in what kind of support you are seeking, please email me first, and I´m sure we can figure it out together.

Fill out the form below if you want to know more, or klick the button further up on this page to book your first session. 


We all have unique gifts and talents to bring into the world, and a lot of times, we have just scratched the surface on what we are capable of. My mission is to help people live kinder, healthier and more exciting lives. And unlock that inner potential and creativity!
— Anna Vogel, founder Mindful Mojo
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